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Finding the right home in a new city can be the most important task you face. Not only you need to be fully aware of your options but also you need to obtain the best possible leasing terms. Furthermore, you must always be careful with fraudulent deals. Coldwell Banker KR is one of the few property brokers that are fully licensed by Indonesia Ministry of Trade. We have to provide periodic report about our activities to the government. Coldwell Banker KR consists of two divisions. The first is our freelance real estate agents who connect us with many landlords thus supplying us with vast number of property stocks. The second is our full time leasing professionals who speak English well, fully understand their job and will take care all parts of the leasing process. Our professionals have been helping hundreds of tenants to get their best homes since 2012. So, we have accumulated field experiences. We know what is best for our clients and we know how to avoid potential problems between tenants and landlords. Above all, we place honesty and integrity as the foundation of all our professional services. As probably the only member of NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (NAR) in Indonesia,  we adhere to NAR’s strict Code of Ethics, which is the promise to the public that when dealing with a real estate agent that is a REALTOR®, they can expect honest and ethical treatment in all transaction-related matters. Our ultimate mission is to be real estate professionals that people can trust. We want to do it good, and we always want to do it right.

We want to do it good,
and we always want to do it right.

What our clients say

I came to Jakarta about one year ago from Japan. This is the second time for me to stay abroad. In my impression to stay in some places in Japan and other countries, real estate business has its unique customary practice depending its geographical location. And, fraudulent deal is rampant, so we are always very careful to make contract of property, especially in unacquainted towns. When I started to look for a house for my family in Jakarta, I contacted a Japanese-owned estate agency first of all, but unfortunately they don’t have enough properties to let, because of our request, that is the property where we can have a dog inside the house. I tried to find another good realty agent through Internet and finally found KR Property.

After I made contact with KR Property, my correspondent Vivi immediately replied and she showed me an ideal property for us. The asking price from the landlord was higher than our target, but she negotiated with the landlord and very quickly let us reach the agreement of compromised price. Her work is always quick, such as the development of contract, making documents, replying to the problem which occur in the house etc. Especially in Indonesia, language barrier can be a problem. Vivi can make very effective communication in English. I really trust her and I’d like to recommend her to other expats who look for the places to live in Jakarta.

Osuke Komazawa

Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia​

KR Property Agency has been chatter our needs in providing an accomodation to our company since 2015. KR Property has delivered a great service, communicative and being support to bridge the overstacle between the landlord and our company. We are been delighted and pleased to KR Property became our Agency and willing to maintain this working relationship for the future.

Linda Hardjono

General Manager - HRGA Operation PT MNC Land, Tbk

Working with KR Property was so smooth!  My husband and I only had 2 days to look for our new home in Jakarta. They responded right away (on a weekend at that!) and showed us some great properties.  Even after we moved in, Vivi continues in the same efficient capacity, helping us with absolutely anything that has to do with the house.  I would recommend Vivi and the rest of the KR team to anyone who is looking for personalized and swift service.

Gibb Alfafara​

Permanent Mission of the Philippines to ASEAN​

KR Property and Vivi are very professional and always available to serve their clients. Vivi knows the market in detail and understand the requests and requirements of her clients, especially western. I am always satisfied with her services and I would recommend this agency to anyone looking to rent or buy a property in Jakarta.

Amadeus Beaujolin​

Chief Marketing Officer Eastern Continents Medical Partners Pte, Ltd.​

Jakarta rental guide


Jakarta has many popular residential areas, such as Kemang, Pondok Indah, Kelapa Gading, and so on. Jakarta is big city with high congestion, that’s why before starting your home search, we need to know your priorities which are normally based on:

  • Your office location
  • Your children’s school
  • Your targeted commuting times
  • Your preference of proximity to amenities
By knowing your own priorities, we will save time and energy in finding your right home.


Depending on the type of property, most apartments in Jakarta are rented out with furniture, while houses are rented without furniture. However, there are minimum electrical appliances that you can generally expect to get even if you rent the property in a state without furniture. For example, is air-conditioning.

As with most cities, the more furniture and electrical appliances that you ask, the more expensive the rental will generally be.


The standard and quality of finishes in many properties varies tremendously. Do your own inspection of the condition of the property in detail. Any requests for improvements at the Landlord’s expense such as refurbishments or provision of furnishings must be raised at the time of the lease negotiation.  A good agent will always try to find a win-win solution between what you ask as the Tenant, and what the Landlord agrees to provide.


In Jakarta, the rental fee is collected in advanced for the whole rental period and the typical rental period is 12 months. Therefore, if you want to rent in a shorter period such as three or six months, then you must anticipate higher rental price (about 5-10%) and fewer choices as not all landlords want to accept short time rent. If you want to rent for a longer period such as two or three years, you can still ask for annual or even semi-annual rental payment. The reason of having a longer contract period is to lock the rental price because it is common that the landlord will ask for a slightly increase in the rental price after one or two years rental. The Landlord will usually expect a tenancy term to start within 7 to 60 days after a written offer has been made. Like in other cities, the sooner you want to start the rental, the more bargaining power you have.


Once a property has been selected, the following are the next steps:
  • We will send you an Offer Letter for the Landlord to be signed by you, along with a memo to transfer a holding deposit equivalent to 1-month rental fee to our account as the escrow account for this tenancy.
  • The Offer Letter will be presented to the Landlord on behalf of you to inform the Landlord regarding your offer to rent the property subject to a contract agreement, with information that a holding deposit has been placed in our account as the Landlord’s agent.
  • We prepare the Lease Agreement and send to you and the Landlord.
  • Once the lease agreement has been signed by both parties then the holding deposit becomes the security deposit.


The rent can be paid either in full amount after signing the lease agreement or in stages where part of it is paid after signing the agreement and the balance is paid no later than 1 day before moving in

The security deposit must be paid after signing the lease agreement. This one – off payment, usually equates to one to two months’ rent* and will be refunded to the Tenant, without interest, at the end of the lease period subject to any claims the Landlord may have relating to the property and as long – as all utility bills have been settled.

*If you make payment in advanced for the whole rental period then normally you only need to pay one-month rental fee as the security deposit. If you make payments periodically during the contract period, then you need to pay two months rental fee for the security deposit. If you don’t make the rental payment as scheduled in the contract, then the tenancy will be terminated. The security deposit equates to one-month rental fee will be forfeited and belongs to the Landlord while the other one month will be refunded subject to any claims relating to the property.


Rental prices in Jakarta are referred to as either “inclusive” of 10% rental tax and building management fees, or “exclusive” of these additional fees. Technically speaking, the rental tax must be borne by the Landlord and not by the Tenant, however this is not always the case. When a rental amount is quoted we will declare whether it is “inclusive” or “exclusive” of these extra fees. If the rent is “inclusive” then the extra fees are for the account of the Landlord. If the rent is exclusive, then the extra fees are to be paid by the Tenant. Sometimes a property will be inclusive of the building management but not the rental tax. However, generally the term “inclusive” means that taxes and building management fees are included in the rental amount quoted, and in the case of an “exclusive” rental amount these fees are not factored in and must be calculated in order to determine the total monthly rent.


Building management fees are charges used for the running, repair and maintenance of the common parts of the building. The fees are payable to the building management company appointed by the owners’ corporation (here called as PPRS) and are dependent upon the size of the apartment, the number of units in the building, the age of the building and the extent and quality of the facilities and communal areas. In Jakarta, the average building management fees cost between 5-15% of the monthly rental.


In Indonesia, rental income is a taxable income and must be withheld from the Landlord if the Tenant is a legal entity or an individual who is eligible to withhold taxes. The rental tax is 10% of the rental income.

However, many times the rental price quoted by real estate agents is the net price that the Landlord wants to receive after deducting with the rental tax. That is why it is important to make sure whether the price is including or excluding tax.


Agency fees are the Landlord’s expense and are billed to the Landlord not to the tenant.


In Jakarta, residential leases do not normally allow you to sublet a property to a third party without the prior written consent of the Landlord. Terms relating to subletting are usually stated in the tenancy agreement.


Acceptance of the terms set-out in the tenancy agreement is the responsibility of both the Tenant and the Landlord. Please be satisfied with the terms of the agreement because once the agreement is signed you are committed to its terms for the minimum duration of your lease. Therefore, if you do not understand a clause in your agreement, ask for clarification.

The tenancy agreement is made in duplicate and a third person which is normally the real estate agent must witness the signing.


This is the procedure whereby the Landlord hands over possession of the property to the Tenant. Handovers usually takes place on the day the tenancy takes effect.

Before the handover our team will check the property to ensure that the Tenant’s requests are already fulfilled, and the appliances are working. At the moving-in date, the inventory of furnishing, the conditions of the property, the conditions of the air-conditioners, appliances, access card and keys will be checked together by you and us. We will record the meter readings and make a detailed hand-over report usually along with pictures. The copy of handover report will be sent to both the Landlord and the Tenant. At the end of the tenancy, a similar procedure will be carried out, known as the moving-out.


Generally, in each apartment building there are specific internet and cable TV providers for that building. In some buildings, internet and cable TV have been provided by the building management so that tenants do not need to pay anything. Before the handover we will help you make arrangements for the installation of internet and cable TV.  The costs for internet cable TV can be included or excluded with the rental price.


The standard tenancy agreement in Jakarta provides that all interior maintenance shall be the responsibility of the Tenant. This includes minor interior defects, electrical and plumbing malfunctions, and any household problems such as termite infestations, leaking taps, and other such items.

The Landlord is responsible for external maintenance and structural and inherent defects, which includes the roof, external drains, and other structural items.


For the Tenant’s safety and the security of the contents of the apartment, it is recommended that external door locks are changed once the tenancy takes effect. It is also advisable to be present when the locksmith is changing the locks and ask for all sets of keys.


The house rules of the building may have some restrictions on the keeping of dogs and cats. This issue should be clarified before the signing of the tenancy agreement.


The Tenant is advised to purchase cover for public liability (third party) and any other risks assumed under the lease in addition to normal household contents insurance. The Landlord is responsible for insuring the property.


At the handback of property, the Tenant is required to hand over the property in good condition, failing to do so may result in forfeiture of part or whole of the security deposit held by the Landlord. This includes reinstating all alternations, repairing any damage incurred, cleaning the premises or other any other works required to return the property to the Landlord in its original condition, fair wear and tear excepted.

A written acknowledgement by the Landlord that the property has been returned in an acceptable condition avoids disputes over defects, which may subsequently be found. In addition, a record of all final meter readings of utilities should be kept.

In order to get the refund of security deposit, all final bills for utilities should be settled. It is advised to provide evidence of payment to the Landlord.